Rowson’s Reserve Whisky Price

Rowson’s Reserve Whisky Price – Cost – Review

Rowson’s Reserve Whisky is the most recent entry into the Indian market by the world’s largest producer of alcoholic beverages Diageo. You might know them better by their brands Smirnoff and Jack Daniel’s. This review of Rowson’s Reserve Whisky cost, alcohol percentage and value to the drinker.

The Quality of this Blend is Superior for the Cost of Rowson’s Reserve

Rowson’s Reserve Whisky is a blended whisky best saved for a special occasion. Rowson’s Reserve Whisky price is well that won’t scare you off with a high price, but it is still a quality blend, with a smooth taste and a nice after taste, for any cost. If you want real value for your money, this is the whiskey to go for.

Rowson’s Reserve is a Great Whisky for the Cost

Aged in oak barrels, this whisky has a hint of smoke and brief aromatic notes of dried dates. It is a very good whisky for its price. Diageo is confident in their new drink Sankaranarayanan, said, “We expect Rowson’s Reserve to be the preference of the new generation of whisky drinkers as well as a great choice for those consuming other brands currently available. Diageo’s expertise in making exquisite whisky and building iconic brands, along with the heritage assets it owns, has enabled us to create a differentiated offer to cut through a highly competitive and fast growing segment. We are very confident about our product which is a fantastic liquid in superior packaging.”

Rowson’s Reserve Alcohol Content Rate

The whisky has an alcohol content of 42.8%. This is not that high an alcohol content but for a quality whisky at this price it is hard to complain about a lower alcohol content. This is a whisky to be savoured slowly and appreciated. It has a rich flavour profile, which can be appreciate in sips. Note this whiskies full bodied flavour. It is hard to sum up the depth of the flavours and textures in a review. The best that we can do is tell you that for the price this is an exceptional whisky, which comes at a good rate, and you will get what you pay for.

Rowson’s Reserve Whisky Price

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Pondicherry

Rowson’s Reserve Whisky 180ml  Rs. 150.00
Rowson’s Reserve Whisky 750ml  Rs. 590.00

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