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‘O wow’ is just an expression, feelings are beyond that when you taste Royal Arms Whisky, Now it is the real time had come to cheer and toast your glass in happiness. It is one of the leading Indian Royal Brand by the Oasis Group of Distillery Companies.

Royal Arms Whisky has a ability to feel royal for its lover, it’s smoky, robust and sweet flavour is truly charming. This blend of malt and grain represents Scotland’s finest whiskies which has characteristic silky smoothness with honeyed creamy notes. This gives Royal Arms Whisky an unusual seductive aroma and curvaceous breadth of flavour.

Royal Arms Whiskies premium cocktail is a long refreshing drink spiced with ginger ale, smoothed out with apple juice and finished with fresh lime. It is made of super-premium ingredients which are imported from Scotland, grain based extra neutral alcohol and Indian matured malt spirits. It releases an aroma that heightens the pleasure and fanaticism of a whisky specialist.

The Indian’s passion for trying and tasting every kind of liquor is for ages and they also succeed every time with a new lavishing taste and feeling of their brands. Royal Arms Whisky is loved for its uniqueness and royal character of the brand. It is considered as a product with difference because its each sip reveals hidden secrets of rose petals, hazelnuts, sherry, oranges, sandalwood, aromatic smoke and dark chocolates that is beyond description.

This whisky is lovable by most of the people, the chocolate taste gives you a different feel of drink with warm smell of  rose petals and oranges. It is good to serve with splash of chilled water along with ice cubes. It even tastes well with coke or any other light juices. Overall it is perfect whisky.

Royal Arms whisky  is available at Royal Arms Whisky Point, Australian Restaurant, Delhi cantt, India. It is also available online and supplied to customer on daily basis. Royal Arms whisky price is also available in online. It is now famous in the worldwide and you will also find it in all high class showroom in their displays. It is very well known now-a-days only because of its quality fermented grains, outstanding manufacturing, exportation and supply.

Royal Arms Whiskey Price


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Rajasthan – Jodhpur – Jaipur – Kota

Royal Arms Blue Pure Grain Whisky 180ml   Rs.101.00
Royal Arms Blue Pure Grain Whisky 375ml   Rs. 204.00
Royal Arms Blue Pure Grain Whisky 750ml   Rs. 404.00

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