Royal Challenge Beer Price

Royal Challenge Beer Price – Cost – Review

Do you think you are able to drink a quality beer and stay without being intoxicated? I know you will definitely say you could do that. If so, let’s try it. Challenge? Ok I’m ready for it. I’ll pour you glasses and glasses of Royal Challenge Beer and see whether you stand it. But, before 20 minutes you’d surely show signs of intoxication. Because it is such a powerful brand of beer.

Royal Challenge is made in such a way to tickle your taste? It’s made of high quality barley. It’s given a perfect brew. The Royal Challenge is abbreviated as RC.

Where does Royal Challenge come from? It’s from ‘the United Spirits Limited’ in India The eye-catching shape of the bottle will attract you so much. The extraordinary quality you find in Royal Challenge Beer will serve you right to get a fine feeling anybody can get from a finest quality liquor. The golden amber colour of it would make any beer lover happy and curious to feel its taste. The bottles come in 2 sizes; 250ml and 650ml.

What about Royal Challenge Beer price? You hope it to be high and unaffordable? No, you’re not correct. Of course RC is sold at an incredibly low price. So, you can surely enjoy its taste, feel and aroma at a low price. Are you happy with that? Royal Challenge also comes in premium and strong beer.

Would you like to have a cocktail with RC? Then mix it with some sugar, tonic and ice cubes. If you wish you can add some lime juice too. It would make the cocktail perfect.

What about the web site reviews? Everybody rates it high with 5 stars. “This is fine. I’ve never tasted a good beer as RC.”

So, why do you still hesitate to taste it? Enjoy its taste and elegance.

Royal Challenge Beer Price

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka Bangalore – Mysore – Mangalore

 Royal Challenge Beer  330 ml Rs 47.00
Royal Challenge Beer  650 ml Rs 95.00

Royal Challenge Stong Beer  330 ml  Rs 50.00
Royal Challenge Strong Beer  650 ml  Rs 100.00

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Pondicherry


 Royal Challenge Strong Beer CAN(500ml)  Rs. 50.00
 Royal Challenge Strong Beer 330ml  Rs. 33.00
 Royal Challenge Strong Beer 650ml  Rs. 59.00

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