Royal Choice Whisky Price

Royal Choice Whisky Price – Cost – Review

Royal Choice Whiskey is hard to ignore in its gorgeous tall bottle, with veins of blue pooling at the base. A pinnacle single malt scotch whisky. It was produced under licence for the charity Historic Royal Palaces, and has an image of the Tower of London on the label. Each bottle comes with a beautiful wooden box and a certificate of authenticity. Royal Choice Whisky is a real collector’s item and a great drink. This is a review of Royal Choice Whisky, the taste, price and value.

Royal Choice tastes about as good as whiskey can. Spey have been making whisky for more than 200 years, and in this time they have gotten quite good at it. Royal Choice Whisky is the most expensive in the Spey range it is about 15,000 INR. It really is all about quality with this drink, before we even start talking about the taste of the drink we need to touch on the presentation. Spey’s Royal Choice Whisky, comes in a lovely wooden box, with a leather front, and a clasp for keeping it closed. The Spey label is on the front of the box and there a stitches on the side. When you open the box you are greeted by a truly wonderful display of aesthetics. The presentation of this whisky can only be described as art. There is more leather on the inside of the lid. The certificate of authenticity is housed next to the bottle, which is held in place at the lid and base by wooden clasps bearing the Spey label. Even the certificate is beautifully presented.

On the nose there is a lot of cherry and fruitiness. It is a wonderful smelling whisky, mainly due to the cherry smells. On the palate the cherry carries through and is joined by some spicy flavours. There is no bitterness at all. It is a fruity and creamy whisky, and the aftertaste really hangs around.

About the Royal Choice Whisky Price: It is arguably the best whisky that you will ever taste, loaded with flavour, really smooth, and a heavenly aftertaste. Some of the profits go to charity, and the maintenance, and restoration of royal places, like the tower of London on the front of the bottle. If want to invest in a phenomenal whisky and a good cause, then this is worth the price, but you need to be able to appreciate it to get this worth out of it. We would recommend this to the distinguished whisky drinker.

Royal Choice Whisky Price

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