Senate Royale Whisky Price

Senate Royale Whisky Price – Cost – Review

Senate Royale whisky is a renowned product not only in India but also among the foreign alcohol production industries. It is originated from the city of Maharashtra, India and now is one of the leading products of Tilaknagar Industries (since 1933)which is its foremost distillery and manufacturer. The task of its creation for the client was to get an idea of the look-n-feel for the new taste of Senate Royale whisky.

It is made by the compound distillation of corn as a primary ingredient, smoothed with hints of oak, malt and light fruity notes. It is an amalgamation of pristine Indian spirit with imported malts that are skilfully blended for the formation of a distinctive scotch and a warm after-taste.

It gives a characteristic scotch aroma with pleasant, soothing effect on senses. Senate Royale whisky gives a real royal touch in its taste which is very smooth with a lingering after taste of fine scotch. It has a Smoky texture which is pure heavenly with all of its excellence. Alcohol content present in this product is 42.8 % so it is usually used with a mix of little water in it. This royal piece of whisky is available in the market in a beautifully designed bottle of golden colour contrast with red having rich golden liquor inside. It has an indefinite shelf life without any chance of alteration in its aroma or texture. Its cocktails are not known yet probably due to its rich original taste. It is better to have it directly with some sprint of water with ice cubes, chilled club soda or with cola.

According to users, this a fine whiskey with a slight smoky after-taste, preferred to be enjoyed neat but would go equally good with a Coke. It lingers on the palate and will be deliciously lovely after a nice meal or with it. Senate Royale Whisky Price differs in different areas of the country.

Senate Royale Whisky Price

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