Seven Knights Whisky Price

Seven Knights Whisky Price – Cost – Review

Seven Knights Whisky is made here in India by Simbhaoli Sugars. It is a low cost drink known for it superior blend quality. The liquid is a light golden colour, and it is housed in a simplistic but classy bottle. Seven Knights Whiskey is Simbhaoli Sugar’s largest selling brand in India, and it is exported all over the world. This is a review of Seven Knights Whiskey, cost, alcohol content and customer value will all be taken into consideration.

The whisky is distilled in copper stills for a pure and smooth taste. It tastes nice for the price. This inexpensive whisky doesn’t cost much, and that makes it very attractive to buyers that don’t want to pay extra for the foreign brands. These spirts might say whisky on the bottles, but they don’t honour the traditions of the drink. Seven Knights Whiskey is famous in India and drunk all over the country. On the nose there are distinctive floral notes. It is a mildly smoky drink with and after-taste of olives.

Alcohol Content of Seven Knights Whisky

Seven Knights Whisky has an alcohol content of 42.8%. It tastes quite strong, but there is not much of a hangover the next day, unless you drink way too much. There is a bit of a burn and a strong after-taste, but you can’t really complain for what Seven Knights Whisky costs. It a well-priced drink for what it is, and the slightly higher alcohol content give is a greater value.

Is Seven Knights Whisky Worth the Cost

Seven Knights Whisky price is a cheap and affordable, for people that don’t want to pay the higher cost of an imported foreign whisky. It tastes nice and is very drinkable. Simbhaoli Sugars are expanding their line of spirits, and they are getting better at making drinks. This clean tasting, superior whiskey is a testament to that.


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