Shark tooth Vodka Price

Shark tooth Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Have you ever heard of such a variety called Shark Tooth Vodka? You may ask a question.

Is it as sharp as a shark’s tooth? Yes, Shark Tooth Vodka is as sharp and fiery just as a shark’s tooth. It’s a brand of vodka that grabs your interest at large. What a lot of eye – catching bottles! Cylindrical, conical and what not! Each one contains a heavenly liquid you’d crave for. And that’s Shark Tooth Vodka. Its magical touch would soothe your body and mind.It would be your ambrosia that relieves your work weary, retarded body.

Where is its origin? You may wonder. It’s India where wine industry is thriving day by day. It’s a smoother variety of vodka that is produced with 100 percent grain spirit. Shark Tooth Vodka comes in two variants and both are available in more than 180 countries in the world.

What do you know about the prices of this new kind of drink? It varies between Rs.750 – Rs.200. Also, they come in three sizes; 750ml, 375ml and 160ml. The vodka lovers all over the world would get used to this new beverage soon. Though it’s a smoother variety, it has a little heavier alcohol percentage. But, a cocktail would make it a more appealing drink. An ideal cocktail could be made by mixing Shark Tooth Vodka with rum, lime and lemon juice, sugar syrup, pomegranate juice and club soda. It would take you to such an ecstasy that you would never deny its taste.

Never wonder about the fame this excellent drink would bring it.It’s evident in some of reviews which are found in liquor-related websites. Vodka lovers still seem to experiment on its taste and quality. But, many have already understood the real taste in Shark Tooth Vodka. So I suggest you to try it once and see how will you feel the unique bite of Shark Tooth.

Shark tooth Vodka Price - Cost - Review


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