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Skyy Citrus Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Skyy Citrus Vodka is flavoured, grain-based vodka. Skyy claims that their product began with one man’s search for a better martini and to obtain this martini he need to make better vodka. This man was probably Maurice Kanbar, the founder of Skyy.

Skyy vodka was one of the first vodkas made from American grains and water. It is distilled four times and filtered three. The result is a very clean vodka, and the perfect canvas to add a tangy citrus flavour to. The process is unchanged for 20 years for the simple reason that it works. Skyy Citrus Vodka has won awards, and found its way to the cocktails of the rich and famous. You will be surprised by the low price of this drink.

When you give this vodka a sniff, straight away, you smell that citrus influence. Delicate scents of lemon, tangerine, blood orange and lime. As you let it breath the fruit notes take on a ripper tone. It tastes very smooth, and the lemon hangs around well into the aftertaste. It is a flavoured vodka so you probably won’t be drinking it straight, nor was it intended. You will get the best value if you mix this drink, and it mixes exceptionally. The citrus flavours dampen the alcoholic taste and free you to create some amazing cocktails, or to simply mix with soft drink. If you are looking for recipes, there is a cult following of bar tenders and enthusiast who obsess over what they can do with Skyy’s range of flavoured vodkas, and the internet is bursting with things to try.

There is an alcohol content of 35% In Skyy Citrus Vodka. This is about standard for a flavoured vodka and much higher it starts to impact the flavouring. As this drink is mostly for cocktails and mixing you don’t want an alcohol content much higher than this.

This is cheap flavoured vodka, and it tastes great. There is a lot of value for the customer. If you are looking for cost effective vodka that has a great taste and falls within your price range, then Skyy Citrus Vodka is a better choice which has great value for your money.

Sky Citrous Vodka Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore – Udupi

Skyy Citrus Vodka 700ml  Rs. 2259.00

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