Spanish Beer Brands

Some of the Spanish Beer Brands are as follows
1. Estrella Galicia
Estrella GaliciaA standard 5% beer, largely presented in Galicia and the North-West.2. Mahou Clasica
A standard 5% beer in Spain, available mainly in Madrid and a few places in the north-west. Many desire Mahou.

3. Alhambra Reserva
A strong (6.4%) lager, obtainable mainly in Granada. Alhambra also builds a standard larger and one more best beer, Alhambra Especial. All three are good beers.

5. San Miguel Nostrum
San Miguel’s ‘extra’ lager, at 6.4% it is slightly stronger than their standard beer.

4. Damm
This beer is from Catalonia but widely available in supermarkets all through the country, if not common in bars.
Their ‘Voll Damm’ brand is double malt and ‘Estrella Damm’ is a standard but quite good lager.

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