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Stolichnaya Russian Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Stolichnaya Vodka, more commonly known as Stoli, is a Russian Vodka that has much prestige. The label of the bottle holds that true. With a red and gold themed label and a sky rise discretely shadowed behind; the marketing holds up to esteem. There are claims that Stoli was served for the finest actors and Presidents. Stoli was also boasted to be sent up into space with the Russian Soyuz 19. A liquor company with a rich history, Stolichnaya Russian Vodka, more than, holds up to the hype.

Stoli started being made 80 years ago, starting in 1938, although it has no official birth date. Stolichnaya is made from wheat that the company owns and grows itself. Where? In the region of Tambov. How? Stoli is then distilled three times and that creates a pure product. In the city of Riga, the triple distilled vodka is then filtered four times through different materials; quartz sand, birch wood, and charcoal. Then mixed with spring water, Stoli is created to be the best of the best in vodkas.

In the 1960s, Stoli started experimenting with flavoured vodkas to make a variety of recipes and cocktails. The range of flavors is amazing; anything from “Stoli Vanil” (vanilla) and “Stoli Salted Karamel” on the sweet side, to a variety of fruit flavours, and even a “Stoli Hot”, which is a jalapeño flavoured vodka. This wide range boasts of many different cocktails and recipes on their website to try.

Find your flavour, rate them all and make sure to review, so other Stolichnaya adventurers can follow your map. With a range of costs, from the high end Stolichnaya Elite and Stolichnaya Gold to the traditional Stolichnaya and flavoured vodkas, the price is right to explore as much as you many desire. Let’s toast to the rich history, the strong production process, and the affordable price that makes Stolichnaya Russian Vodka a must-try!

Stolichnaya Russian Vodka Price - Cost - Review

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