Strenth of Alcoholic Beverages

Strength of Alcoholic Beverages

Below are typical ranges of alcohol proportions by volume (ABV) of some common types of drinks. See the arranged section for more on how the strength of different alcoholic beverages can be measured:
Strenth of Alcoholic Beverages
Strength of Alcoholic Beverages
Beers 3-10%
Pilsner 3?6%
ESB (Bitter) 3-6%
Lager 4-5%
Porter 4-5%
Brown Ale 4-6%
IPA (India Pale Ale) 6-7%
Stout 5-10%
Wines 8-14%
Sparkling Wine 8?12%
Table Wine 9?14%
Retsina 10-11%
Dry White 10-12%
Cabernet 11-14%
Barley Wine 11?15%
Fortified Wines 16?22%
Sherry 17?22%
Marsala Wine 15-17%
Madeira Wine 15-18%
Vermouth 15-18%
Port Wine 16-20%
Spirits 20-70%
Light Liqueurs 15-25%
Vodka/Whiskey/Rum 40%
Cask Strength Whiskey 60%
Absinthe 55?90%
Neutral Grain Spirits 95%
Rectified Spirits 96%
Absolute Alcohol 96-98%
Other Drinks
Fruit Juice < 0.1%
Alcopops 3-7%
Wine Breezers/Coolers 4-7%
Cider 4?8%Measurement of Alcohol Strength
There are some methods of measuring the alcohol contents of various beverages. Find details on each below:
ABV ? Alcohol by Volume?It simply represents the amount of volume consumed by ethanol compared to the entire volume of the drink. It is expressed as a percentage.
Proof ? This word is used among the strongest spirits. To compute a liquor?s verification you simply multiply the ABV by 2. The theoretic maximum possible strength of any drink is therefore 200-proof. Actually though the maximum for distilled spirits is 191-proof since not all of the water can be distilled from ethanol.

ABW ? Alcohol by Weight? This is comparable to ABV but instead of the quantity consumed by the ethanol its mass is used instead. Beer brewers often used this measurement in states that require limits on strength of beer sold in food markets (for example 3.2 beer in Oklahoma). This is preferred over ABV in these cases because the ABW is roughly 80% of the ABV. Beer that is 4% alcohol by volume can be sold and still meet the 3.2 ABW limit.

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