Peter Scot whisky

Struggle behind the success of Peter Scot whisky

Peter Scot whisky is an Indian whisky brand produced by the Khoday’s India Ltd in the year 1968. There was a lots of disputes happened over the name “Peter Scot” as it sounds like a foreign name. Later on it was clarified by saying it contains only one‘t’ in the name Scot. It even got delayed for registering its trademark, finally in 2008, Supreme Court in favour of khodays India Ltd permitted for the trademark of the name Peter Scot.

Peter Scot whisky is said as the best competitor among the Royal Challenge and Blenders Pride whiskies. It is completely made up with the 100% of Indian malts. Peter Scot is available most of the places in India at a very reasonable cost.

Peter Scot whisky

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