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Sula Seco Wine Price – Cost – Review

Sula Seco Wine Price – Sula Seco Wine brand is a mthode champenoise sparkling wine. Mthode champenoise specifies a sparkling wine, which undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle in which it is sold. Sometimes it is referred to as ‘bottle fermented’.It ia ready from a mix of classic and Indian grape varieties in a seco style i.e. somewhat sweet ,the grapes were quietly pressed at Samant Soma Wines’ state of the art winery at Nashik and fermented in stainless steel reservoirs.The wine undergoes secondary fermentation in temperature – proscribed cellars for a minimum 12 months, fabricating a sugary fruity sparkling wine by means of a even conclude having an alcohol contented of 11.5%.

A light fruity sparkler a little sweet in style, great for every day celebrations.

Tasting Remarks
Match up well with spicy curries, biryani and desserts that are not excessively sweet.
It is best to serve ‘ice cold’.
It is well suited for champagne cocktails also compose a wonderful complement for all desserts.

Sula Seco Wine Price - Cost - Review

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