Officers Choice whisky

The Less known facts about Officers Choice whisky

Officers Choice whisky famously known as ‘OC’ is the product of Allied Blenders & Distillers (ABD) which owned by the Kishore Chhabria, the Co-founder of ABD, who was initially the Managing Director of Shaw Wallace which was owned by his elder brother Manu Chhabria. Kishore Chhabria then had some dispute with his brother and left the co taking Officers Choice with him and joined with Vijay Mallya, who gave the equal share in his company ‘Herbertson’.

Later Kishore also left Mallya taking his brand ‘Officers Choice’ with him & set-up his own company ABD, in which OC has became the main brand. After the death of Manu Chhabria, Mallya had bought   Shaw Wallace & also claimed that ‘Officers choice’ was his product          which then got resolved and Kishore Chhabria had to pay some amount to Mallya as sort of compensation.

In 2013, Officers choice has got good demand in the market with large selling, whereas its price is very less and affordable to all.

Officer’s Choice Blue: A premium whisky which is made up with the blend Indian grain spirits and some Scotch malts. The smoothness of the drink gives you the premium scotch like feel and taste.

Officers Choice whisky


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