Black Dog whisky

The man behind the Black Dog whisky

Black Dog is one of the fastest growing Scotch whisky which is produced in Scotland. It was discovered by James MacKinlay in the year 1883. Variants of Black Dog whisky:

Black Dog Black Reserve Blended Scotch whisky: it was also known as Black Dog Centenary before. It comes in mild sweetness taste of honey and butter scotch flavor.

Black Dog Gold Reserve Aged 12 Years Blended Scotch whisky: Also known as Black Dog Deluxe. Very smooth and creamy like gesture taste.

Black Dog Reserve Aged 18 Years Blended Scotch whisky: Made up with the finest aged malts & grain whiskies and aged in oak casks for the period of 18 years leading to its perfection. It has won gold award for its extreme taste.

Black Dog Quintessence Aged 21 Years Blended Scotch whisky: One of the luxurious whisky, it is blended with the 25 finest malts and grain whiskies of the Highland region of Scotland.

Black Dog whisky

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