Best Tasting Vodkas

Top 10 Best Tasting Vodkas

Top 10 Best Tasting Vodkas
Here is the recent information about the most tasty vodka brands which esteems all vodka lovers. They could be distinguished from other existing vodkas by means of their pure crystal clear and sometimes flavored taste you will not at all forget once you try.1. Kauffman Vintage Luxury
It is Russian vodka and distinguished with the time characterized only for it. Several types of Kauffman vodka with slight differences are offered on the market. But all of them are having nice taste. It is being formed since 2000. It is made of wheat crop and has Russian vodka precise taste.
Best Tasting Vodkas2. Stoli Elit
This also belongs to Russian Stolichnaya vodka versions. It has crystal clear, velvet and flavored mild wheat taste and is formed by using the old customs of freezing/filtration.

3. Chateau Mukhrani Vintage Chacha
It is a Georgian word and in translation it means vodka formed by husks of grapes which remain after winemaking. Shato Mukhrani, Georgian based wine company has its own vineyards and receives harvest, produces wine and vodka from the grapes. Chacha has specific Georgian vodka taste.

4. Grey Goose
This is French vodka with gentle sweet and rich taste, clear and bright, pleasant and unique. It is one of the most wide spread vodkas in the world.

5. Chopin
It is Polish vodka. It has mild and fine balanced sweet taste, enjoyable and easy to drink with both potato and rye flavors as well as perfectly distilled throughout its producing.

6. 42 Below
It is formed in New Zealand and it was named by the 42 below the equator, often messed up with the 42 volume of the vodka. During its manufacture ecologically healthy ingredients are used which build it perfect and delicious.

7. Belvedere
It belongs to polish vodka brands and is characterized as four times distilled drink with passing 11 stages of filtration. It is well-known with vanilla aroma exclusive of any extra ingredients.

8. Russian Standard Gold
It has velvet soft flavor and is warming and good drink. It is Russian vodka brand as well and popular amongst vodka customers.

9. Xellent
This is Swiss Vodka unique by its cherry and chocolate fragrance. It?s little bit spicy and warming and balanced enough while drinking.

10. U?luvka
The first class Polish vodka favorite by all customers due to its great taste and special bottle design. The name comes from the antique symbol gathering male and female origins. It is made of wheat crops and has succeeding flavor.

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