Two Indies Rum Price

Two Indies Rum Price – Cost – Review

Caribbean Islands are thought to be the birthplace of rum. On our website you can also find a way to try this soft Caribbean taste for a nice price. If you are interested, this short review will be useful for you.

Caribbean rum is considered to present the original taste of this worldwide popular drink, so the big rum-producer company called Amruthas decided to bring the Indian rum the sensibility of the Caribbean, with a rather innovative product called Two Indies Rum. Two Indies is a premium and natural rum with no artificial flavours for a pleasant price for such a high quality. It is a rare combination of Caribbean rums from the Islands of Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana mixed with traditional matured Indian rum.

Rum is characterized by rich golden yellow colour. Two Indies has an intensely fruity taste. It is a delicate combination of exotic fruits, such as persimmon, guava, pineapple with extremely soft sugar-cane and crystallized lemons. It is a little spicy with a hint of clove and nutmeg, with a soft chocolate flavour. Its after-taste is a pleasant combination of sweet and mildly spicy.

This rum has an incredibly rich aroma. It is a freshly cut sugar-cane notes along with subtle ripened banana and a hint of other exotic fruits.

It is recommended to be drunk both in pure form and in cocktails. It can help to create unique combinations and new cocktail recipes because of rich fruit flavour. Rum Two Indies might be used on the kitchen for various desserts.

Nowadays the variety on the rum market is constantly increasing and it is becoming more difficult to make a choice from endless proposals list. How not to miscalculate and do not regret the purchased product for a high cost, because to make mistakes is very simple. Try an amazing comfort, original style and reasonable rate with Two Indies rum.

A glass of this rum is a perfect choice for a rest after successful working day in the fast-moving city. Two Indies is interesting, rare rum and a must-add to any collection.

Two Indies Rum Price - Cost - Review


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mysore – Mangalore

Two Indies Rum 750ml Rs. 1357.00
Two Indies Rum 375ml Rs. 678.00
Two Indies Rum 180ml Rs. 329.00


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