UB Export Beer

UB Export Beer

The brand UB Export Beer is Karnataka?s home developed brand and for decades now people of Karnataka have loved and valued this brand as one of their own. UB after being respected in its former look has now been refurbished and is now in a Hosa avatar.The brand?s center target is Male, aged 21 -35 years. UB Export offers the consumers a knowledge of a high quality product from a faithful & reputed company, modish and attractive packaging, all this at a very affordable cost. This experience is further heightened with the support of a local film star who is very popular among the masses.In the attempt of creating UB Export the numero uno brand that it deserve to be, the brand?s imagery has been restored to provide a stylish economy brand to its customers. The brand is obtainable in an attractive price of Rs.25 for the pint container and Rs.53 for the 650ml bottle.UB Export and Upendra have approach together to form totally a new look for the brand & himself correspondingly. The brand is currently in its new avatar-“Hosa Look Sakath Style” packs with a new Blue color worldwide quality tag, full wrapping of front & back labels foil for the 650ml and neck label for the 330ml bottles. This new descriptions of New Look and Great Style has taken the brand to new statures of triumph.

UB Export Beer Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka Bangalore – Mysore – Mangalore

UB Export Beer 330 ml Rs. 50.00
UB Export Beer 650ml Rs. 100.00

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