UB Export Strong Beer

UB Export Strong Beer

UB Export Strong Beer,a ‘strong’ avatar of Karnataka’s greatly cherished and iconic beer brand UB Export was started across Karnataka in June/July 2009.With the stylish look and the sturdy attitude, the brand is making waves across Karnataka with customers echoing ‘Bere Yella Yaake?’

Due to changes in the excise policy of Karnataka, the prices of beer raised up, thus making beer luxurious for the loads and ensuing in a refuse in the beer industry volumes.Being marketplace leaders, United Breweries Ltd. took upon itself the job of revitalizing the beer industry in Karnataka and launched UB Export Strong at an inexpensive price at Rs.58 for the 650ml bottle and Rs.28 for the 330ml bottle.

UB Export Strong Beer Price - Cost - Review

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka Bangalore – Mysore – Mangalore

UB Export Strong Beer 330ml Rs. 53.00
UB Export Strong Beer 650ml Rs. 105.00

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