Ventisquero Grey Merlot Wine

Ventisquero Grey Merlot Wine

Odor:Ventisquero Grey Merlot Wine is Deep blue red with mauve tones. Its huge intensity positioned out with awfully ripe red fruits, cherries, plums, assorted with spices such as black pepper and cinnamon, wood, wild fruits and tobacco.
Ventisquero Grey Merlot Wine
Region: Maipo Valley
Grape: Merlot
Nature: Red
Body & Palate: Stylish and flavorful palate with soft hit due to about and ripe tannins. By the end its smooth hint illustrates red fruits and elegant oak feel.Recommended food pairing: Best with semi-mature cheese, stews and casseroles, definite types of Spanish food, pasta with incredibly spicy or creamy sauce. It combines fine with dishes that contain dry fruits preparations such as plums, figs, nuts and hazelnut.

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