Vladivar Lemon and Lime Vodka price

Vladivar Lemon and Lime Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Do you want a refreshing summer taste? Do you like the pure and clean taste of Vladivar vodka? Then you will like their Lemon and Lime flavour. Vladivar listened to the rate of consumers requesting certain flavours, and boy, did they deliver. The Lemon and Lime vodka flavour was introduced in 2012 with a variety of other flavours; Raspberry and Vanilla, Apple and Pear, and Blueberry and Raspberry, to name a few. Vladivar offers the Lemon Lime flavour in a clean and crisp bottle that has a yellow label with their eagle logo stamped at the bottom. The simple design of the bottle makes the promise of the product even more tantalizing.

The simple design also compliments the simple process of how Vladivar is made. Vladivar makes its vodka by triple distilling and then filtering through charcoal; leaving a clean, pure vodka.

The Vladivar Company is all about the fun. Nick-named Vladi for short, this company creates their marketing campaigns to deliver the good time that arrives with their vodka. They are big into social media and other ways to market their website and their product, with contests and give-aways that boost their party animal reputation.

Vladivar Lemon and Lime Vodka price is right to ensure the party lives on. Vladi is on the lower end of the cost scale and can be enjoyed in the city life or out in the woods over a camp-fire. The Lemon and Lime flavouring is perfect to mix summer cocktails and enjoy where ever your travels take you. Create your own recipes and, please, review to ensure that others can enjoy the fruits of your Vladi Lemon and Lime labor. The price and party life is sure to boost Vladivar towards the top of the Vodka market and, man, will it be worth the glory of a good time.

Vladivar Lemon and Lime Vodka Price

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