Vladivar Orange Zest Vodka Price

Vladivar Orange Zest Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Vladivar Orange Zest vodka: A dual-flavoured pleasure

The Vladivar Orange Zest’s price is very reasonable given the fact that this is one of the best dual-flavoured vodkas around.

This Indian vodka is flavoured with orange and pepper. The charcoal filtered spirit is made from pure grain, and has a spicy taste with tangy fruit notes. It gives you a refreshing feel after the drink with smooth finish and slight burning in the troat.The bottle has a stylish design with an orange top. The label bears a double-headed eagle, the symbol of Russian tsars.

Originally, Vladivar vodkas were manufactured in Warrington, UK. In those days, commercials featured a voice with a Russian accent praising Vladivar as “the greatest vodka in the world”.

In India, the product line also includes such vodkas as Green Apple Zest and Lemon Zest.

The line won gold prizes at the Monde Selection World Quality Awards in Brussels in 2012.

Now, remember that the true Russian-style vodka is always unflavoured and has 40% alcohol by volume. We are told that Vladivar Orange Zest has just 37.5% which is very much better and most of them can try it.

Then why is it praised so highly? Because it is one of the amazing cocktail compound. Wonder how to drink your Orange Zest undiluted? Just have it chilled.

There’s actually a reason to have it unmixed: they say Vladivar’s charm can make you popular with girls. When a lone Vladivar fan likes a girl at the bar, he orders two Orange Zests.

Where it comes to health issues, this vodka has met the relevant regulations, and there’s a chance that it is already served in your city.

To conclude this review, we would rate Vladivar Orange Zest as a spirit that has absorbed the styles of Russia, India and the UK to boast a great quality for a dual-flavoured vodka.

And, it comes at a lucrative cost.

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