Voodoo Bacon Maple Vodka Price

Voodoo Bacon Maple Vodka Price – Cost – Review

From the city of Ashford, Oregon, the company Rogue started a brew pub and created beers, this soon slid into other facets of liquor making, including spirits. Rogue was created with a revolution in mind. They do not cater to any one type of distillery or brewery; no, they rise to the challenge of doing what they want when they feel like it… like rogues. The revolution has just begun with the company only being 30 years old and still widely spread.

Rogue has only made two different vodkas; Oregon Single Malt Vodka and, of course, Voodoo Bacon Maple Vodka. This fun bottle has a picture of a man, most likely a rogue, in a top hat holding a Martini glass with a strip of bacon poking out. His left arm is raised in the air to create a fist or triumph. You cannot miss the polka dotted pigs in the back ground, either.

With breakfast food on the mind, two distillers made a small batch of Voodoo Bacon Maple vodka that has gone on to win three awards; one American and two international awards. Rogue’s website has a featured Voodoo Vodka recipe “Deja Voodoo” which is a mix of the vodka, maple syrup, milk, and coffee liqueur. Yum! Rogue has a whole booklet available filled with other delicious cocktail recipes.

Where can you find it? Voodoo is available in 32 countries throughout the world. Making it easy to try, rate, and review. How is it made? Rogue has grown wheat from their farms and hand-crafted all their alcohol on site in the American state of Oregon.

Voodoo Bacon Maple Vodka price is higher than most, but it is well worth the cost for the revolution within. The hand-crafted award winning Voodoo Bacon Maple Vodka is worthy to be drunk neat or in a cocktail.

Voodoo Bacon Maple Vodka Price


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