Royal Challengers Whisky

What made Royal Challengers whisky popular?

Royal Challengers whisky  is an Indian whisky which is produced by United Spirits Ltd (USL) in the year 1980. It is made up with the blend of rare Scotch malts and Indian malts. RC has got demand even in the Middle-eastern countries and in US. Royal Challengers was introduced United States in the year 2012 by American United Beer & Spirits (UBS). Whisky is said as the men’s drink, it is the complete solution for the stressful life. It is better to be taken in an adequate quantity.

Hidden secrets about Royal Challengers popularity!!

Nowadays Royal challengers whisky has become most popular brand in India, the fear of cricket IPL team named Royal Challengers Bangalore has been its plus point for the promotion of Royal Challengers whisky. Even they are the sponsors in IPL. Royal Challengers whisky comes in very cheaper price and easily available at every bars & liquor shops.


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