Whiskey for Beginners-Guide

Whiskey for Beginners-Guide

Whiskey for Beginners-Guide
Most of the times, people don?t have much experience with single malts on what they should purchase. Many of these individuals drink blends like Johnnie Walker Black over ice and find single malts too strong. Frequently, they start with an Islay whiskey like Bowmore or Lagavulin and are immediately put off by the pungent taste. Starting with an Islay is like drinking a Guinness if all you?ve still had was Bud Lite. Discovering single malts is a trip that ends with an admiration for all of the whisky producing regions of Scotland. We select single malts based on our mood or maybe the season or time of day. Remember, no one region is better than the other, it?s all private preference.
Whiskey for Beginners-Guide
Here is developed path map for those individuals that are overwhelmed with the hundreds to different malt whisky choices existing today. Older does not mean better and region and finish are serious in making the right choice for the beginner.
First start with a smooth light whisky starting from the Scottish MainlandCraggenmore 12 yr old
Smooth yet complex, Craggenmore is full of Speyside nature and is a great choice for the beginner.Other selections
Dalwinnie 15 yr old, Glenkinchie 10 yr old, Glenfiddich 12

Premium selections
Glenlivet 18 yr old, Glenfiddich 30 yr old

Value selection
Craggenmore 12 yr old

Then, add some complexity and prosperity
Glenfarclas 17 yr old
Extremely smooth the hints of sherry and honey, Glenfarclas 17 is much richer than Craggenmore but still in the Speyside region.

Other selections
Aberlour 15 yr old, Longmorn 15 yr old, Macallan 12 yr old

Premium selection
Dalmore 21, Glenfarclas 1868

Value selection
Dalmore 12 yr old, Aberlour 10 yr old

Add some light smoke
Oban 14 yr old
A coastal whisky, Oban is very complex and has more punch than your typical Speyside. Some light smoke and spice Oban should be the next stop in your journey.

Other selections
Scapa 14 yr old, Highland Park 15 yr old

Premium selection
Royal Lochnagar 12 yr old

Value selection
Glen Garioch 10

Now you?re ready to step up the smoke
Highland park 18 yr old
A matchless dram that has something for everyone, smoky but also sweet, Highland Park 18 is a great scotch that will help initiate you to more robust powerful drams.

Other selections
Bruichladdich 10 yr old

Premium selection
Springbank 15,

Value selection
Highland Park 12 yr old

Bring on the peat
Talisker 10 yr old
A peppery intense dram that handles ice well (not too much ice). Talisker helps add some complexity to the Johnnie Walker Blends.

Other selections
Bowmore 12 year old, Talisker 18 yr old

Premium selection
Ledaig 20 yr old

Value selection
Talisker 10 yr old

The final stop is Islay
Lagavulin 16 yr old
Probably the best scotch in the world. Lagavulin 16 yr old has all of the characteristics of Islay; smoke, peat, iodine and seaweed with an amazingly long dry finish.

Other selections
Caol Ila 12 yr old, Caol Ila 18 yr old, Laphroaig 10 yr old,

Premium selection
Lagavulin 12 yr old

Value selection
Caol Ila 12 yr old
If you are looking for more smoke try; Laphroaig 10 yr old Cask Strength
If you are looking for more peat try; Ardbeg 10 yr old.

Learning how to drink whiskey is an easy yet very complex art form much like learning how to taste wine, beer and other forms of alcohol. The world of whiskey and scotch is marred with terms like grains, malts, distillation, barley, rye, cask, oak, age and some such. Let’s ignore all the jargon for now and focus simply on the different popular ways to drink whiskey. For all you wannabe whiskey connoisseurs and whiskey fans, here is How to Drink Whiskey.

1) Drinking whiskey with ice also called On The Rocks
We’ve always seen the images of an action movie hero coming back home after a tough days work of banging up the villains and treating himself to a nice glass of whiskey on the rocks. The only proletarian mistake that you must watch out for is to never pour the whiskey before you put the ice cubes in your glass.

Fill your glass halfway or to the brim with ice cubes and gently pour the whiskey in it
Pour a small amount of whiskey
Don’t depart your glass away for too long else the ice will melt and dilute your whiskey
Warm palms can contribute to ice melting quicker ? So leave your whiskey glass on a table or another flat surface while you are not sipping it

2)Drinking whiskey neat
Drinking whiskey neat is not the primary thing suggested to people looking for answers to the question, how to drink whiskey. But after that, if you want to become an expert at this art, you must know how to learn to make sense of the taste, flavor and smell of the different types of whiskeys. This way of drinking whiskey is also called drinking straight up.

Pour a little amount of whiskey in your whiskey glass ? About 1/5th of a regular whiskey glass or tumbler is recommended for beginners
To put on a class act, snuffle the glass and take in a whiff of the aroma and flavor of the whiskey much similar to how you would taste wine from different types of wine glasses ? Many male whiskey connoisseurs often mention about how a glass of whiskey should be savored, smelled and treated as if it was a beautiful woman.
Drink the whiskey in small and minute sips ? Too big a sip will go down your throat like a flaming bazooka
A pro whiskey drinker does not flinch or make weird faces due to the strength of the alcohol that goes down the throat while drunk neat ? Hold a steel face and try to interpret the intricacies, ingredients and flavor of the whiskey
If the taste of neat whiskey grows on you and you can’t drink it any other way, you may want to think buying a cool hip flask for yourself

3) Drinking whiskey with whiskey stones or glass ice cubes
If you like to drink chilled whiskey but are irritated that the ice cubes dilute your drink, buying whiskey stones is the way to go. Whiskey stones, also known as sipping stones or rock chillers are stones that can be chilled in the freezer and used with whiskey and other beverages. The amazing thing with whiskey stones is that they don’t dilute your whiskey, giving you a straight whiskey drinking experience. An alternative substitute for whiskey stones is glass ice cubes which are nothing but glass cubes which can be chilled and used in a glass of whiskey.

Like drinking whisky on the rocks, put about 3 whiskey stones or glass ice cubes in your glass earlier than you pour your whiskey
Pour the whiskey in small amounts ? Remember this is just like drinking whiskey neat, except for it is chilled
You can still sniff the whiskey for its original flavor and aroma
Drink slowly and enjoy your drink

4) Drinking whiskey with water
Water dilutes the whiskey, there’s no doubt about that. But whether that actually works in the favor of the whiskey in terms of taste, flavor and aroma is an on-going debate. While some say that it ruins the original taste of the whiskey, some rave about how water actually releases and increase the flavors and aromas. You should try it by yourself to find out.
Pour whiskey in your whiskey glass ? Fill as much as you would, or slightly more, while drinking it neat
Add water in the glass – For starters, pour as much water as the quantity of whiskey
There is no fixed answer as to how much water you should add to a whiskey glass ? This too, you will need to trial and fill according to taste.

5) Drinking whiskey with coke
Whiskey and coke has been a favorite cocktail for beginners and experts alike. Popularly it is also known as whiskey cola. Utter the words Jack and Coke or JD and Coke to any whiskey fan and chances are that their eyes will glitter with temptation to sip on a nice glass of JD and coke, named after the popular Jack Daniel’s Whiskey. Adding coke will not only dilute your whiskey but will also make you drink fizzy. This is great for people who are not big fans of the strong whiskey taste.

Pour whiskey in your glass ? Fill about 1/4th of the glass with whiskey
Add coca cola aka coke to your glass
Much similar to how you would combine whiskey and water, the amount of coke really depends on how much or how less you want the taste of whiskey in your drink ? Beginners can begin from topping up their glasses with coke for a smooth drink that won’t feel like whiskey at all
Once your tongue and taste buds are common with the taste and taste of whiskey, you can slowly start reducing the quantity of coke you add in the glass

6) Drinking whiskey in shots
Shots are the quickest, easiest and most effective answer to our question, how to drink whiskey. Whiskey shots are served in shot glasses and are consumed in one single gulp. Beware, whiskey shots can get you seriously drunk if discretion and maturity is not retained. If you are a beginner drinker, this way is best avoided.

Pour the whiskey in a whiskey shot glass
Hold the shot glass with your fingers and gulp the whiskey down in one single gulp
Don’t make the rookie fault sipping from the shot glass or leaving behind some whiskey in the shot glass after your gulp
Make sure you have a liberal time gap between two or more whiskey shots ? Frequent or too many shots can get your drunk way to fast and leave you with a massive hangover

7) Drinking Whiskey ? Using other mixers
Some of the admired cocktails made by whiskey lovers around the world involve mixing whiskey with mixes like cola, lemonade, coffee and cream, gin and lemon juice, soda water, lemon lime soda, sugary water and mint leaves, sugary water and citrus fruits, ginger ale or ginger wine, bitters and even other different brands of whiskies. Yes, this is a comprehensive list. As you get more familiar and accustomed to whiskey and its different types, you will want to test with different mixers. You can make many different types of cocktails with whiskey at home too. Buy a good mixing guide for whiskies and develop and create your own whiskey cocktails!

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