Whiskey with Water

Whiskey with Water

Whiskey with Water-A true drinker will tell never put water in whiskey. People just add water to dilute the whiskey. Some serve it neat (no ice) with a splash of water. Others serve whiskey on the rocks and the ice melts, adding water to the whiskey. Tap water is fine and there are typically no garnishes with whiskey.Container strength or barrel proof whiskies (usually those over 50% abv) can usually benefit from the addition of a splatter of cool water or an ice cube or two. By adding a splash of water, flavors and aromas that might be missed in such a high proof whiskey start to emerge and the burn of the alcohol becomes less noticeable.
Whiskey with Water
Two whiskies in this category that one can particularly enjoy with a splash of cool water are Booker’s bourbon and Ardbeg Uigedail single malt Scotch whisky. In addition of an ice cube, allow a few minutes for the whiskey and ice to warm up a bit before enjoying. As liquids become colder, fewer flavors is apparent, so adding a few cubes will actually tighten up the whiskey for a short time before the release of flavors from the addition of the melted ice becomes apparent.Whiskies that range from 45% abv (90 proof) to 50% abv (100 proof) may either be improved with water, or you may find that water detracts from your experience depending on your palate. Some find that a splash of water helps to decrease the sting of alcohol while allowing them to detect subtle shade in the spirit, while others find that the addition of water to the spirit can make it feel thin and watery on their palate.Trial and error are the only way to decide which method works best for you. While professional tasters and reviewers often add plenty of water to review whiskies in order to detect every flavor in a particular whiskey, they do this in the interest of their review, not to maximize their own enjoyment of the whiskey.Finally, whiskies at 80 proofs, such as Jack Daniels, are probably best enjoyed neat. A whiskey at 40% abv has already been cut down to this strength at the distillery and may not need extra water or ice. This said, let your own palate be the ultimate judge of this discussion. Do not hesitate to order Jack Daniels on the rocks in a restaurant or bar if that is you?re preferred way to enjoy it. These are simply guidelines, not rules, and ultimately, what matters most is whatever gives you the most enjoyment while drinking the whiskey of your choice.

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