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White Mischief Vodka Price – Cost – Review

Doesn’t this white bottle with bright color patterns imprinted on its label positively impress you? I hope it definitely does. It’s eye catching and clean. Through the gleaming whiteness of the bottle one can see a clear, colorless liquid inside it. It’s White mischief Vodka. A brand you’d never forget. Where’s the origin of White Mischief Vodka? Its superb Indian vodka produced from Shaw Wallace Distilleries in India. And of course it’s recorded as India’s largest selling vodka. Its fame has grown in leaps and bounds all over the sub-continent of India and all over the world. It’s a clear, extra neutral alcohol that attracts the vigilant eyes of vodka lovers. Its smartness can be seen when it’s poured into a glass. The thickness of the liquid isevident and that might be a reason for its widely spread fame. The alcohol percentage being 42.8%, it won’t take you to such extremities of intoxication. So, you may enjoy the feeling better than any other variety of vodka.

White Mischief is triple-distilled vodka cleaned to the maximum levels of cleanliness to make sure the flashy strength of youth How does it taste? Most users say that it tastes same as Smirnoff or Absolut. It’s up to you to decide whether it tastes same as Absolut or Smirnoff vodkas. See it for yourself by purchasing a single shot at your favorite bar. There are cocktail recipes in websites that would inspire the vodka lovers to have their favorite types of cocktails. By mixing White Mischief with lime juice, cranberry, orange juice or spritewith ice cubes a fine cocktail can make. Enjoy its great taste and give it a 5* rating in your favorite websites. When you observe the rating of other vodka lovers you may see that White Mischief Vodka is a real “mischief “that takes you to a state of high elation. White Mischief Vodka Price

Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Rajasthan – Jodhpur – Jaipur – Kota

White Mischief Vodka 750ml  Rs. 310.00
White Mischief Vodka 375ml  Rs. 155.00
White Mischief Vodka 180ml  Rs. 77.00


Price ( Rate – Cost ) list in Karnataka – Bangalore – Mangalore – Mysore

White Mischief Vodka 750ml  Rs. 584.00
White Mischief Vodka 375ml  Rs. 292.00
White Mischief Vodka 180ml  Rs. 141.00

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