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White Rum Price – Cost – Review

White Rum PriceĀ – White Rum also known as “silver” or “light” rum is dry light-bodied rum, light in color and lightly sweet in flavor. It is produced from sugarcane juice and molasses, and normally has a short sanitization period. Compare to other various rums which are matured in charred oak casks, white rum is simply aged in plain oak casks or stainless steel tanks, so it remains clear. White rum is frequently the favored choice of rum for cocktails and other mixed drinks.Continuing Boston?s legacy as the core of rum production, Bully Boy?s signature White Rum is prepared with Blackstrap Molasses. Using techniques handed down from Cognac distillers, we use a blend of cuts to create white rum that has both profundity and a amazingly smooth finish. Enjoy straight up or mixed in your favorite cocktail.White rum is clear and usually has gentle flavor and lighter body than gold or dark rums. These light rums are most often used to create cocktails that do not have a need for bold rum flavor.In the U.S., most white rums are sold at 80 proofs or 40% alcohol by volume. They are often aged one or more years, and then filtered to take away color. White rums may be cheaper to make and less expensive to purchase that more mature rums.White rums are popular in the most common drinks, such as the Cuba Libre (rum, Coke and lime), the Daiquiri, the Mojito and the Pi?a Colada. Many rum cocktails call for a white or light rum, a gold rum and/or dark or spiced rum.Popular white rums comprise Bacardi Superior,Cruzan Estate Light, Oronoco, Don Q Cristal,Mount Gay Silver, Matusalem Plantino, Rubi Rey, 10 Cane, Flor de Ca?a Extra Dry and Diplomatico Rum Blanco.
White Rum Price - Cost - Review

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