McDowells No 1 whisky

Why McDowells No 1 whisky so good?

It is the product of United Spirits Limited who is well-known for perfection in whisky manufacturing. The name McDowell’s No 1 stands for its excellence in taste, price and feel of drink. McDowell’s had launched its whisky in the year 1968 made up with the imported Scotch whiskies and Indian whiskies. McDowells No 1 whisky has  remained its strong bond with its customers due to its pleasure taste.

McDowells No 1 whisky  is widely famous in Middle Eastern countries, Canada, Japan & Africa. It has its different variants like McDowell’s Diet Mate whisky and McDowell’s No 1 Platinum Whisky. It is a great thing that you are getting this whisky in such a reasonable price, available in almost all the bar and restaurants. If you are a planning to start up with whisky, then it is the right choice for you to try.

McDowells No 1 whisky

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